Estereo Wayuu Mochila Bag
Estereo Wayuu Mochila Bag
Estereo Wayuu Mochila Bag
Estereo Wayuu Mochila Bag

Estereo Wayuu Mochila Bag

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This thoughtfully-made treasure of a Wayuu bag represents approximately 6-10 days of work for a single artisan. 

The versatile crochet crossbody Wayuu bag has a non-stretch strap which can be tied into a knot so your Wayuu crossbody can double as a shoulder bag.


This piece was created for the woman that values and appreciates true craftsmanship. Roomy and easy-to-wash, it’s a wearable work of art that adds that extra layer of handmade creative texture.

4 Steps to caring for your Wayuu Bag

1. The first thing I like to do is to spot treat any stubborn stains with a little bit of soap. I rinse and repeat and they should help the stain wash right out in the washing machine.

2. To protect the Wayuu bag from getting damaged, I place the Wayuu bag tassels and straps inside the bag before placing it in the wash to make sure it will stay in perfect condition.

I also like to pull the base of the bag down and fold it in half as I feel it helps get a better wash in the machine.

3. Machine was on the shortest cycle.  So in my case it would be the 15-minute cycle.

4. Hang your Wayuu bag to dry

Material: 100% Acrylic
Width: 10.5 in (27 cm)
Height: 8.2 in (21 cm)
Strap: 42 in (106 cm)
(As the product is handmade, each bag can vary by approximately 0.5 inch.)

Funding the Future

When we support women owned and led businesses, we are funding the future. We are providing income and resources for families in need. Each purchase is one step towards creating the path for the next generation to follow.


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