About Us


We believe women are the world's greatest asset, and when you invest in woman, we ALL reap the benefits. The Fabula Collective are brands that are either owned or led by women. Each brand has a different voice and purpose, and we provide a platform to empower their stories. Our goal is to bring vibrant and unique pieces that showcase rich traditions and artistic perspectives into the lives of incredibly talented women that have faced adversities to become empowered and enriched designers and makers.  


Our mission is universal-- to create a platform where women are empowered to build a future for themselves and their communities. No matter the circumstance, we all deserve the right to choose our own paths. When the obstacles come along, we want women to understand the power of community. When we help each other, we help ourselves. And, then we open the world up to our gifts--gifts that we were destined to share.
Along with this mission, and as we grow, we have significant plans to invest our profits in the communities we support. For example, Manos Cruceñas, one of the brands we feature, is based in Santa Cruz, Guatemala. What's unique about this brand is that it is an artisan-led brand that features handwoven textiles and accessories straight from the source. The Vocational Training Center at CECAP helps local Guatemalan women train in the traditional Mayan crafts of weaving and beadery, teaches them entrepreneurial skills, and gives them the tools to create financial independence through their craft. Each student is then given the opportunity to create for the collective and get compensated for their work. In 2020, Fabula Ventures has made financial contributions to CECAP. And, we plan to raise funds for the training center so students can begin their path to creating and securing a future for themselves and their families. 


Founder's Story

My name is Christin Grand, and my story is one that most women can relate to-- go to college, fall in love, get married, have babies, raise kids, end of story. The thing is, mine never involved a career. Once I had kids, I naturally fell into the role of wife, homemaker, stay at home mom. And, along the way, I lost my voice, my independence, my dreams, and it shattered me. My marriage fell apart, and then I was thrust into single parenthood with 3 kids. Whew. Once, I started to find my way back to me, is when I started dreaming again while envisioning a different plan for myself. In college, I'd studied business management and always wanted to have my own store, a boutique filled with artists and designers I'd always admired. Then the pieces started coming together, and my long lost vision became more clear. The business I always wanted was to be inspired by women, fueled by their stories and,  ultimately, a space where I could devote to improving women's lives and their communities for the greater good.