My Story

My story is one that most women in the U.S. can relate to-- go to college, fall in love, get married, have kids, raise kids, end of story. The thing is, mine never involved a career. Once I had kids, I naturally fell into the role of wife, homemaker, stay at home mom. And, I thought, well, I always wanted to be a mother, even as a little girl, I knew I was destined to be a great mom. But, somewhere along the way I lost my voice, my independence, my dreams, and it shattered me. My marriage fell apart, and then I was thrust into single parenthood with 3 kids. Whew. My world turned upside down, and I slowly, and begrudgingly started to pick up the pieces. I spent a long time re-learning, revising, and redirecting. Once I started to find my way back to me, is when I started dreaming again, envisioning a different plan for myself, and remembered where I went wrong. In college, I'd studied business management and always wanted to have my own store, a boutique filled with artists and designers I'd always admired. And, I realized it was always women that inspired me-- their stories, their struggles, their inspirations. And, then the pieces started coming together, and my long lost vision became more clear. The business I always wanted was to be inspired by women, invested in women, and supported by women.