Buffalo Horn Circle Woven Rattan Bag
Buffalo Horn Circle Woven Rattan Bag
Buffalo Horn Circle Woven Rattan Bag

Buffalo Horn Circle Woven Rattan Bag

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Earthy and effortlessly-chic, this Tan Tien Buffalo Horn Centerpiece Circle Woven Rattan Bag by Hathorway features a beautiful circular centerpiece made with ethically-sourced buffalo horn. The bag is intricately handwoven with rattan stems by artisans in northern Vietnam using rattan. Rattan is a climbing palm found in Southeast Asia; and similar to the strength and durability of bamboo, rattan has been used for many years to make baskets and trays. At Hathorway, our rattan is planted, harvested, sorted and dried carefully in the province of Nam Dinh, Vietnam. Because of its natural state, all of our rattan bags will be slightly different in colors and patterns. While this bag carries a vintage appeal, it is a timeless piece; perfect to carry your wallet, keys, and sunglasses while you are on your way out to enjoy the sun on the weekends.

  • Measurements: 20.32 cm dia x 7.6 cm tall (8 in dia x 3 in tall)
  • Materials: Handwoven rattan stems, genuine leather, repurposed chambray lining, ethically-sourced water buffalo horn from Vietnam
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